It Just Has To Be Delicious

UPDATE – sadly, this wonderful restaurant has now permanently closed.

Last night I went to Bouchon Bistro. It’s a medium sized restaurant on Cambridge Street, heading west towards Floreat.

The last time I came here was approximately 3 years ago, and it wasn’t particularly memorable – neither good nor bad, however last night’s meal was very memorable for all of the right reasons. Every item on every plate went together really well, and the dishes were perfectly executed – a fusion of classic French with modern Australian using good fresh ingredients.

We were served an amuse bouche of beef cheek with rosemary risotto and a szechuan pepper tuile. The tuile was perfectly delicate and crispy, the beef cheek and rosemary absolutely delicious and welcome taster of good things to come.

For starter I had a braised beef short rib with pear, pine nuts and radish and potato croquettes. The beef  was tender and tasty – delicious.

My companion had a fois gras and smoked eel parfait with quail, another triumph – the parfait superbly light and the quail cooked to perfection.

For main course I had barramundi served with a spinach canneloni filled with shellfish mousse. The skin was crispy and flavourful, the fish juicy and fresh, and the sauce contained cockles and wild rice. The canneloni was perfectly executed, the pasta being soft enough to bite through, and the mousse tasty and smooth.

My companion chose duck, a combination of duck breast and confit duck leg with coffee crumble. Another culinary triumph.

We shared a gratin dauphinois

For dessert we both chose chocolate ganache with hazelnut brownie and mini strawberry trifle. Again this was a dish with a lot going on on the plate, but everything was there for a reason.

What a delicious meal. The thing I love about Bouchon is that every dish was well thought out. The menu wasn’t huge – about 5 starters, 5 mains and 4 desserts – but each element of each dish added something to the overall effect. I have eaten at restaurants where chefs put lots of flavours on a plate just to sound impressive, but the flavours don’t work well together. Bouchon is different, the chef is talented. All of the staff were lovely, and the ambience was nice and friendly. I would say it is smart-casual (which is about as posh as Perth gets), and comfortably so. The bistro was decorated with old French advertisements and a map of the Paris underground which made me nostalgic about my old work trips to Croix de Berny.

I will definitely be going back to Bouchon. The food cost per head for 3 courses is $70-80, which some may find expensive, but it’s worth every cent, and very good for special occasions.

You can book via Dimmi, and it is also in the Entertainmemt book. Bon appetit!


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